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The CDI goal to continue to help support and build the community of Black doula’s continues with our next event, Kuumba: Creativity.

About Ujamaa

The 4th Kwanzaa Principle is Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) is impossible to achieve without the understanding of effective conflict resolution.  The Doula Roundtable learn the importance of shared wealth building through communitarian exchange—sharing and cooperating, and how to effectively practice this concept by first learning how to promote peace and re-conciliation.  In addition, this work shop focuses on the importance of leadership and advocacy to control and create policy.

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The Doula Roundtable is a safe space for Black Doulas in Milwaukee County to gather for support, foster collaboration and fuel birth work innovation. Doulas are invited to workshops designed to build community and commit to collective/work responsibility by defining, guiding and protecting the space of Doula Roundtables.