AABN Supports Doulas


What is a doula?

A doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.


Are you in search of a doula?


Vanessa Johnson

A Miracle Happened Birth Services strives to help mothers manifest a positive, healthy, and healing birth experience.  We believe that every birthing person deserves one-on-one doula support before, during and after delivery.  We offer a wide variety of services that can help you create the birth journey you envision!


The doula’s purpose is to help women have a safe, memorable, and empowering birth experiences.

Questions to ask a Doula:

  • What training have you had?

  • What services do you provide?

  • What are your fees?

  • Are you available around my expected due date?

  • Do you specialize in any specific area? (twin mom, natural birth, VBAC mom, c-section moms, etc.)