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Lactation Services
AABN offer services to support breastfeeding mothers by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Certified Lactation Counselors, and  skilled Community Breastfeeding Peer Counselors. Soon as baby is born breastfeeding services and support can help mothers reach their goals and have breastfeeding success.

Lac Café
The Lac Café is open by appointment only. Breastfeeding mothers can meet one-on-one with a certified lactation consultant to ask questions and resolve issues.  Trained experts can ease a mom’s worries just observing baby nursing at breast. Breastfeeding supplies available.

Hospital & Home Visits
AABN offers hospital and home visits to any breastfeeding mother enrolled in our  program. Our trained team support breastfeeding families immediately after birth and in the comforts of their homes.  For many moms knowing a familiar face will be there is reassuring.

Educational Sessions
AABN offers monthly Community Breastfeeding Gatherings (CBGs) hosted at two local YMCAs (Northside and Parklawn).  The CBGs brings together pregnant and breastfeeding mothers with their family and love ones to learn how to have breastfeeding success.  Lead by certified lactation counselors/consultants, the educational sessions are held monthly and focus on a specific breastfeeding topic. Registration is encouraged.

Father Support
AABN Father Peer Advocate leads separate sessions for fathers and men supporting breastfeeding during the CBGs.  He also provides follow-up support after birth helping to answer questions and ease concerns.

The Breastfeeding Chat Room
Congratulations!  Breastfeeding is going well but you have some questions about breastfeeding your 3 month old.  You have come to the right place! The Breastfeeding Chat room is a support session for nursing and exclusively pumping moms who have questions, concerns and/or like to share tips for breastfeeding success. Registration is encouraged.


Community Breastfeeding Gathering


For pregnant mothers & families providing breastmilk to newborns.

Community Breastfeeding Gatherings are monthly educational sessions for pregnant mothers and mother breastfeeding newborns younger than 6 weeks old. Father, friends, and family members are encouraged to attend. Registration not required but encouraged.

The Breastfeeding Chat Room


For mothers providing breastmilk to babies 6 weeks or odler

A safe space for mothers of color to gather for support, encouragement, and to share tips on the way to achieving breastfeeding success. Registration not required but encouraged.

Healing Waters

Over the last decade the African American Breastfeeding Network Inc. (AABN) has celebrated the beauty of birth and breastfeeding with over 1,000 families. Unfortunately, we have also heard the many voices of despair from families who have loss infants.

AABN, along with our partners—Greater Milwaukee Foundation and Sojourner Family Peace Center— we have made a commitment to end suffering in silence due to infant loss. Healing Waters will support families who have experienced pregnancy and infant loss. Healing Waters will support families who have experienced this pain.

The pain families experience is insurmountable, traumatizing, and unbearable. Our trained facilitators and volunteers welcome families to join with others who share in grief. Healing Waters is a safe space to help mothers and their loved ones begin and/or continue their healing journey.

Shanice Baquet as the Project Coordinator of HW and she can be reached at 414-914-0472 for additional questions.



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