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AABN depends on volunteers to help us achieve our mission.  We are in great need of volunteers!  CONTACT US or FILL OUT the form to the left if you are interested in volunteering.

We Need Volunteers for the Following Positions:


Greets guests as they enter events and helps individuals to find the meeting room.

Food Service

Set-up and serve food and drink at monthly Breastfeeding Community Gatherings.


Assist with on-site registration.


Helps to set-up and clean-up before and after events.

Father Peer Advocates

We are in need of fathers who support breastfeeding to speak at our gatherings to male guests in a separate session about the topic presented that day.


Helps out wherever needed

Photographer (does not have to be professional)

Takes pictures during events.

Time Keeper

Keeps time during monthly gathering and notifies speaker with signs if they are running over.

Newsletter Team

We are in need of individuals who will drop off packages of newsletters at various locations in the community.  We also need writers.