African American Breastfeeding Network

We Did It Again!  Thanks To You!


AABN closes out another successful year promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding!  Our many accomplishments are not possible without support from allies, advocates, founders and supporters!  In 2016 we hosted 24 Community Breastfeeding Gatherings; helping many women achieve breastfeeding success! 2017 is AABN’s pre-anniversary year and we are excited to recognize 10 years of building a movement that normalizes breastfeeding and promotes breastfeeding as the natural and best way to provide optimal nourishment for babies and young children.

2016 Most Wished For


"Every parent and caregiver knows from first hand experience that babies calm down when they are picked up, gently rocked, and carried around the room. New research published in the journal Current Biology on April 18, 2013 shows that this is a universal phenomenon. Infants experience an automatic calming reaction when they are being carried, whether they are mouse pups or human babies." Babies are frequent visors at our AABN office, the addition of this rocking chair will allow a comfortable space for moms to nurse as well as the added benefit of being used to calm baby. 




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The First Month, The Most Important: Building and Protecting Your Milk Supply